Peer Pressure is Fun…

… when you’re in your 20s.

When peer pressure is all about drinking ’till you drop, or partying even when you don’t feel like it, or just going on naughty adventures with your friends, it could be fun.

But when you’re in your 30s, and your friends are pressuring you to have a baby when you clearly have personal reasons NOT to, it kind of gets really frustrating, annoying and just plain exasperating.

Friends, I love you, but if this “baby pressure talk” happens every single time we meet, please don’t wonder why I’m not so excited to meet up with you guys.

I don’t mind listening to you while you all talk about how wonderful it is it be a mother, or share breastfeeding tips and parenting tips.

In fact, I quite enjoy these talks as I store all of these information for future use.

But when you guys start the “Kayo naman!” or “Bilis, sabay tayo this year!” like it’s some kind of game, I just want to end the night, go home and play World of Warcraft.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to be a mother, too. In fact, I spend every so often daydreaming how wonderful it would be  to have a little girl as cute as me, teaching her all the kikayness in the world.

I understand that you’re all high on the joys of parenthood. I get that.

(I feel the same when it comes to my furbabies. Probably not the same degree, but you know what I mean.)

Who needs a baby when you already have this?

Who needs a baby when you already have this?

But I believe that having children is a personal choice by a husband and wife and should not be forced ON by any one else.

Clearly, if a couple is obviously not ready to have children, who are you to say that they should already have one?

Everyone has different life situations.

Also, saying things like “A baby brings blessings.” and “God will make sure everything works out.” doesn’t really help your agenda.

While I do agree that babies are indeed blessings, and God will provide when the time comes, I still think that it’s ultimately the choice of the husband and wife to make an informed decision when to have a baby or not, and not base it on chance or something so abstract.

I can, however, agree with you when you tell me that having a baby at a later age might be hard on my body. That’s a topic I don’t mind talking about because  it’s something I spend time thinking about, too.

I’m definitely not getting any younger.

But honestly, the idea that we must and should have babies just so we can receive blessings (and just because everyone is having babies left and right) is beyond me.

Friends, I really just want to spend time catching up with you, so less of the peer pressure please?



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